AP: Chandrababu Naidu launches Bhuseva, Bhudaar portal


AP: Chandrababu Naidu launches Bhuseva, Bhudaar portal

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu  on Tuesday launched web portal ‘Bhudaar’ and ‘Bhuseva’ that makes land records available to people who have Unique Identification Numbers similar to having an Aadhaar Card.

The ‘Bhudaar’ is an 11-digit unique identification code which will be assigned to each agriculture land holding and rural and urban properties in the state. A total number of 3,56,27,793 land holdings in the state will come under Bhudaar including 2,39,69,159 revenue and agricultural land holdings, 84,21,140 Panchayat Raj rural and rural properties and 32,37,494 municipal administration and urban properties. The Bhudaar card by the landowner or property owner can be generated from Bhuseva web portal.

As many as eight departments involved with land records are participating in Bhuseva which includes the Revenue, Panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, Registration, Survey and Settlement, Forest, Endowments and Wakf. These departments are integrating their services related to land under the core platform called Bhuseva.

Temporary Bhudaar numbers are issued to lands under dispute or litigation or in the process of re-registration. The unique ID for permanent Bhudaar will start with 28 and if it is a government land, 28 is followed by 00.

Two types of Bhudaar cards are available including e-Bhudaar an M-Bhudaar. Under Mobile Bhudaar, one has to download the application. One can get the Bhudaar card from Mee Seva centres too. Krishna, Anantapur and Kurnool districts have already started generating Bhudaars.

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